J2EE Development Staffing Solutions

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition better known as J2EE is a popular choice for developing web-based enterprise applications, as it delivers a scalable, diverse environment, complete with a wide range of protocols, APIs and service sets. Lots of individuals favor J2EE for its flexibility and its ability to cut down on development costs and timeframe. Many companies also find that they see greater productivity and increased revenue when they opt to build a custom enterprise app, crafted to meet the company’s exact requirements and specifications.

iTech specializes in providing temporary staffing services for companies seeking experts who specialize in J2EE, among other technologies. This free-standing middleware environment has all the tools our experienced developers need to build a multi-tiered, Java-based enterprise app.

The J2EE architecture represented the first non-proprietary enterprise-level development environment of its kind. Companies favor J2EE software programs thanks to their many benefits, which include scalability, portability, adaptability and robust security measures. In many instances, it’s possible to deploy a J2EE application across multiple servers with minimal coding. That’s key for a large enterprise setting. This type of platform is inherently versatile, and an experienced J2EE developer can create very innovative built-to-suit applications. Those applications can run on a private network or a cloud server, depending upon your precise needs and requirements.

Our developers are well-versed on the ins and outs of J2EE development at the enterprise level, with talent who can work on-site anywhere from a few weeks to a few months or even longer if the need arises. iTech also sources talent who specialize in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software development.

Our J2EE Services Include

eBusiness application development

Legacy systems migration to J2EE platforms

Application integration with enterprise systems

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) development

Application maintenance and updates

Custom development solutions for business

Architect Blueprint

Open Source Development Staffing Solutions

Open source development is a fast-growing niche within the tech industry. Publicly-available source code creates a setting where a collective hive mind forms to pioneer new advances.

Open source developers do face some challenges, though, particularly surrounding issues such as security. Having the source code in the public domain means that you must be extra cautious when addressing security measures, since hackers may have a bit more insight than they would with a proprietary software program. For this reason, it’s vital that you turn to a staffing services provider that understands your concerns and your priorities as a business.

J2EE/Open Source Service Offerings

Our clients benefit from our talent’s extensive knowledge and refined skill sets, which span a number of leading application servers, frameworks and programming languages.

Web / Application Servers:

  • Weblogic
  • JBoss
  • WebSphere
  • Tomcat


  • Java
  • J2EE


  • Spring
  • Struts
  • JSF
  • J2EE
  • JMS

If you need a temporary J2EE developer or a top open-source developer to work onsite for your company, we invite you to contact iTech. Our team will handle all aspects of the recruiting and staffing process, searching worldwide to find the ideal talent to suit your unique needs. We invite you to contact iTech today to discuss your company’s tech and IT staffing needs.

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