The corporate world is more competitive than ever before, which means that companies are using new and innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools to unlock value. At iTech, we’re committed to providing you with these cutting edge development solutions, with the scalability and customizability that you need to thrive.

Our developers bring an interactive, client-focused approach to agile development methodologies. Our areas of expertise include SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle technology, among others.

iTech specializes in temporary IT staffing, including for ERP deployments. We search worldwide, seeking out the ideal staff for your unique needs and requirements. Our development teams will work onsite, allowing you to maximize your in-house resources in the best possible way. The temporary nature of our IT staffing services allows you to leverage our world-class resources when the need arises, from development through implementation and even for periodic maintenance or upgrades.

Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP and Oracle

At iTech, we have experience in a wide variety of different Oracle and SAP products, tools and processes. As such, we can offer comprehensive solutions to our clients, including an ERP interface that will streamline your operations. The right Oracle or SAP interface can also cut costs, while giving you the power to respond to the rapidly-changing business world in a fast, responsive manner.

Our experience includes the following:

Business intelligence warehouse (BW) solutions



SAP basis programming

Business intelligence warehouse (BW) solutions

Advanced business application programming (ABAP)

Our development team follows a proven methodology that includes process mapping, gap analysis, requirements gathering, data conversion, migration, customizations, interfaces, extensions, third-party integration and knowledge transfer, as well as user training. So we are well-equipped to help you with your needs, whatever they may be.

Enterprise Resource Planning with PeopleSoft and Oracle

Making the right decisions about staffing, hiring, and workforce development is one of the most critical issues that companies face in today’s super-competitive business environment. iTech’s PeopleSoft experts specialize in HRMS/HCM and Financials modules. Our ERP specialists are well-equipped to provide your company with the tools and services you need to put the right people in the right jobs, and keep them there.

We specialize in PeopleSoft Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)/Human Capital Management (HCM), Financials and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Our PeopleSoft experts possess a rare combination of technical expertise and business savvy. We are dedicated to providing the perfect fit for clients, tailoring our methods to meet the full range of your needs, from temporary time-and-material contracts all the way through direct hire options.

Our experience working across industries and disciplines gives us a keen sensitivity to the critical issues you face. This is true whether you are a corporate executive, a tech firm or a supplier of systems, services and software.

Our ability to listen and understand your needs and challenges enables us to provide key feedback and develop the most effective ERP and operational solutions. Our objective is to help you increase efficiency and performance in the long-term, with an interface that will meet your unique needs both today and in the future.

At iTech, we utilize a pragmatic, client-first approach in everything that we do, whether we’re helping you find the right IT staff, offering consultations or crafting a custom-tailored ERP solution. We invite you to contact the team at iTech today to discuss your unique ERP-related IT staffing and business needs.

You can also contact us by phone at 802-383-1500.

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