Today’s business marketplace is more competitive than ever in many industries. New technology and mobile proliferation have proved a game changer for many companies. To succeed, you must compete with the best. It’s vital that you have the right data and information on-hand. To do so, you need the right business intelligence tools.

At iTech, we offer more than just IT staffing services; we also specialize in IT consulting solutions. That includes business intelligence tools to gather and synthesize data. This enables you to make the highly-informed and data-driven decisions that are vital to success in today’s hyper-competitive business world. This is true whether you run a relatively small private medical practice or a massive, multi-national corporation.

Through our partnership with IBM Cognos and Informatica, we offer advanced business intelligence solutions which can be configured to deliver a complete range of solutions. This includes:

BI reporting




Business event management

Data integration

Our team can help you build a comprehensive business intelligence interface on a single, proven architecture. It’s what you need to be more competitive and elevate your business to the next level.

How Can Your Company Benefit From Business Intelligence Solutions?

At iTech, we have seen clients achieve some wonderful results from our business intelligence solutions. Some of the many benefits of using business intelligence tools include the following points:

Leverage your existing data investment

The large volume of data that your organization collects and stores can be transformed into meaningful reports and analysis. The result is clear, easily-digestible insight.

Provide better visibility and insight into your organization
Accessible reports and analyses allow you to see results across departments and drill down to discover underlying causes, and understand the reasons behind your business performance.

Promote alignment amongst all of your team members
The right insights can help promote a common understanding of terminology and priorities. This reduces the amount of time spent debating the data, while giving you greater freedom in the planning process.

Maximize your chances of making the right decisions
When you have access to timely reports and self-service reporting on key performance indicators and business drivers, you’ll have the information you need to recognize changes when they happen. This increases your chances of making the right decisions at the right time.

Meet the information needs of all users
Flexible, user-friendly reporting delivers information to people in the right way: through managed reports, dashboards, scorecards, online analysis or self-service reporting, and queries.

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At iTech, we believe in a pragmatic, client-first approach in everything that we do, whether we’re helping you find the right IT staff or offering consultations and helping you establish a robust business insights solution. We invite you to contact the team at iTech today to discuss your unique IT staffing and business needs.

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