1. Who is iTech? What sets iTech apart?

Founded in 2003, iTech serves Fortune 500 corporations and other large companies throughout the United States. With offices in Texas, New Jersey, Virginia and Vermont, along with international offices in Canada and India, iTech enables its clients to accelerate revenue and reduce costs through its streamlined, “insourcing” staffing process.

As a consultant and service provider, we believe in a client-centric approach in all that we do. iTech takes great pride in our incredible talent, as it’s our team members who make it all possible by quickly integrating into your company and maximizing productivity from the start. We thoroughly screen and vet our talent. We take the time to get to know them and their skills, so you can be confident knowing that you’ll get the right team – a team that will mesh well with your company’s in-house staff and meet your needs in a cost-effective manner.
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2. What kind of tech and IT staffing services does iTech offer?

iTech specializes in temporary, on-site staffing services for software developers and other tech professionals. We practice something called “insourcing”. We send a team of developers to your company, where they can work on-site alongside your staff to get the project done in a collaborative and timely manner. This affords you a great deal of control and oversight, while allowing you to use your in-house resources in the most effective way. Additionally, iTech offers expert technology and IT consulting services, custom software development services, data warehousing and enterprise mobility resources.
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3. What are the benefits of using temporary on-site staffing resources?

Temporary on-site staff provide major benefits beginning with the ability to supplement your in-house team on an as-needed basis. This is ideal for companies who have some, but not all of the resources required to complete a project. What’s more, with our team working on-site, you’re afforded far greater control over the work, which is critical for clients who are dealing with a project that is highly complex, sensitive or confidential in nature. Additionally, this reduces administrative overhead costs associated with additional headcount, allowing your business to scale operations in a highly efficient way. Moreover, iTech has a history of experience in project management and our consultants are well-equipped to help you avoid common pitfalls such as scope creep, budget overruns and missed deadlines.

4. What kind of financial benefits do iTech's staffing solutions provide?

iTech offers some very notable financial benefits. Using iTech’s insourcing model, you gain far greater value for every dollar invested. This is because we pick the right experts for the job and client, and our specialists have exceptional skills when it comes to serving client needs in a timely fashion. By utilizing resources from iTech, you will enjoy a technical and cultural fit that enables you to manage a cohesive, well-organized team. iTech’s staffing solutions provide talent that is accustomed to a diversity of needs and will rapidly adapt to your working environment, achieving maximum productivity levels far sooner than average. Further, we are adept at key aspects of project management, so you can avoid financial losses due to factors such as uncontrolled scope expansions, a longer-than-expected timeline and budget overruns. This results in a greater value and cost savings, particularly if the alternative is hiring new talent on a short- or long-term basis. We also have a very efficient recruiting process, so you sidestep the need to expend valuable HR resources on hiring employees who aren’t in your budget.

5. Why is it important to identify and consider a worker's personality traits? Why should you hire for cultural fit?

An individual’s personality traits, team player capabilities and preferred working style can have a major impact on how successful and productive they are in a given work environment. At iTech, we place tremendous emphasis on making the right match for a company’s culture. What’s more, we’ll send in a team that has had the opportunity to refine their dynamics, so from day one, they’re a finely-tuned unit.

6. What are the most common talent acquisition challenges?

First, there’s the matter of identifying precisely which tech skills are required in a candidate. That’s a task that’s far more challenging than you’d expect because tech is always evolving.

Then, you must consider whether the candidate has the experience and skill set required to meet your needs in your precise work environment. It’s not realistic to expect a person to work effectively in a large group setting if they’re accustomed to working in a small group. This can result in a scenario where a person has the skills and talent, but they just can’t adjust to your company’s one-of-a-kind environment.

Additionally, it can be time-consuming to properly vet each candidate, speaking with references and reviewing recommendations. By hiring a tech staffing firm, you can avoid these challenges and many others.

7. How can iTech's staffing solutions help prevent time and budget overruns?

iTech has a wealth of project management experience, so we know how to ensure that your project will progress according to plan. We start clear, precise specs and a well-defined scope aligned with the project’s budget and timeframe. Then, we take a strategic approach that will bring positive (and timely!) results.

8. Does staff/resource augmentation help prevent scope creep? How?

Yes, the right talent and resource augmentation can go a long way toward preventing scope creep. Our team’s experience and knowledge lets them identify potential problems quickly. We are cognizant of the potential for scope creep and understand precisely how and when to take action as warning signs arise.

9. What are the most common challenges encountered with an external staff/resource augmentation?

External staff and resource augmentation can cause some major challenges, particularly surrounding security, confidentiality and adaptation. If confidentiality is a concern, you’ll want to know that you’re bringing in staff who are trustworthy and respectful of your need to maintain a high level of security.

You can also see sluggish productivity in the beginning, as a temp adjusts to your working environment. But iTech lets you avoid this. Our team members have worked with many companies during their time with us, so they know precisely what it takes for peak productivity right out of the starting gate.

There’s also a risk of bringing in the wrong staff; individuals who don’t have the experience, tech knowledge or interpersonal skills to get the job done right. You can virtually eliminate this risk by working with a firm like iTech, as we perform extensive screening and vetting of each and every team member. What’s more, we take the time to get to know our staff, so we know exactly who will meet your unique needs!