SharePoint and ASP.NET Development Staffing Solutions

Is your company Microsoft-based? Do you need help revamping your IT architecture? If so, SharePoint can serve as a high-performance solution that can be adapted and scaled as your business evolves and grows. But you’ll need a team that specializes in SharePoint and ASP.NET development to create a customized interface that meets your precise needs. And that’s exactly where iTech can help.

At iTech, we maintain a talented team of Microsoft-friendly developers available to clients through our temporary staffing services. Our talent pool includes experts specializing in SharePoint.

SharePoint is a web-based platform built atop an ASP.NET framework. It is favored by many companies because the interface can be fully integrated with Microsoft Office. Since SharePoint is developed on an ASP.NET framework, you’ll have the ability to leverage the many user controls, security options, web parts and web part zones and session state managers that are available when using ASP.NET. Our developers can also customize the Windows SharePoint base layer, better known as the Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) interface.

Together, SharePoint and ASP.NET offer a versatile, scalable, high-performance solution for companies in a wide range of niches and industries. SharePoint’s containment hierarchies and content types offer great freedom for organizations seeking to arrive at a solution that meets their precise needs and requirements.

Our developers are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of SharePoint and ASP.NET development, so we are well-equipped to assist Microsoft-based companies. The staffing experts at iTech are here to find the tech professionals you need to achieve your objectives.

Our Services

We provide solutions in these Microsoft technologies:

VB.Net , ASP.NET, C# .Net


Windows Forms, WCF, WPF


Strategic Planning

At iTech, we believe that it’s our expertise and dedication that sets us apart from all others. First, we’ll work to gain a complete and thorough understanding of your project and its specs; only then can we begin our search for the right talent. And we search globally to find the best experts for the job we don’t settle for the best local SharePoint experts. Then, we send the staff to work onsite at your facility, allowing you to leverage your in-house resources in conjunction with your temporary resources.

We have pioneered a flexible approach that’s focused on providing custom solutions for your specific situation. We use both agile development processes and traditional methods of software development. In agile development, we follow XP techniques that emphasize business results first, with an incremental approach and continual testing and revision. We believe it’s essential to follow clearly-defined phases, with a well-established deliverables schedule to ensure you see a smooth and productive development cycle. Whether you’re seeking to hire a SharePoint and ASP.NET developer for a new project or require talent for another IT endeavor, we invite you to contact the team at iTech today.

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