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In a business environment defined by sustained market volatility and ever increasing regulations, companies need the ability to integrate enterprise-wide risk management processes and multiple regulations. Firms are witnessing a dramatic increase in active first-line users—sometimes tens of thousands—scattered across the organization and using tools with inconsistent capabilities. These users require solutions that integrate the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with enhanced user experience to empower the first line, and all others within the organization. 

Enterprise Risk Management Applications

OpenPages with Watson offers customers ten targeted solutions to meet specific GRC challenges, with the option to buy only needed solutions within a unified, highly integrated platform. This single data repository provides businesses with a single source of truth. It helps prevent human error and data inconsistencies and is delivered with speed and capabilities that scale to support even the largest organizations. 

Enterprise Risk Management

Become a silo-breaker, a risk-taker, a holistic-ERM-process-maker with our low-code Application that allows you to easily manage risk across your entire organization. Using collaborative and agile tools, you can assess risk anywhere from vendor interactions and finance to sales and marketing. Impressive, we know.

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