How To Increase Software Developer Productivity

July 28th, 2017 by

On average, there are five open job positions for every one software developer in search of a position, which means that finding a developer is a very difficult task. Finding the perfect developer? Well, that’s even more challenging! In fact, in the United States, the average timeframe for finding a developer — any developer — is 35 days; that is, if you’re not selective. This 35-day time frame seems to apply to a typical developer for any run-of-the-mill project. But most companies have projects that require specific expertise, requiring a far more selective vetting process. Therefore, it’s conceivable that your search could take weeks longer. That just won’t cut it if you’ve got a fast-approaching deadline. And many companies don’t need a permanent employee; they may only require the developer for a single project. Many businesses consider temporary staffing services, but some have concerns that there may be a lag in terms of ramp-up time and actual productivity from an otherwise unknown talent.

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It’s Never Too Early to Increase Employee Productivity Over the Holidays with Talent Management & Staffing Strategies

May 9th, 2017 by

Operations can quite literally grind to a halt in the six-week period between Thanksgiving and the New Year holiday. The problem is two-pronged. You have workers taking time off for holiday travel. You also have a phenomenon known as “Christmas creep,“ whereby workers—Millennials in particular—tend to lose focus during the holiday season. Cyber Monday alone is credited with spurring a $450 million loss across all industries (and that’s a conservative estimate, as it assumes just 15 minutes of on-the-job virtual shopping.)

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