How IT Staffing Firms Help Recruit Top Talent

Corporations spend billions to recruit IT staff. According to Forbes, American firms spend $72 billion on recruiting every year, and the worldwide total may top $200 billion. In addition, companies all over the globe have allocated larger and larger portions of this budget to pay IT staffing firms that can help simplify recruiting and control costs. It’s important to understand how difficult IT recruiting has become to see why it is now a specialized field of its own.

Why Do Companies Turn to IT Staffing Firms to Recruit Technical Talent?

Recruiting software developers, project managers and other technical employees has always been complex because of the technical skills these jobs require. Increased demand for qualified personnel makes the market even more competitive for employers. The task of attracting applicants has recently become even tougher because of the great number of online platforms that technical people can use to find jobs. In addition to traditional job boards, recruiters may also use a variety of social networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, to connect with recruits.

Rather than use their own resources to find and vet job applicants, many companies find that IT staffing firms can get the job done faster, cheaper and more efficiently. These dedicated companies already have experts in recruiting platforms, large networks of contacts, and databases of qualified technical people. Rather than using their own hiring and human resources managers to sift through the entire Internet for job prospects, companies can limit themselves to the final stages of the process.

Turn to iTech for IT Staffing

If your company needs to hire IT staff permanently, temporarily or on a contract basis, iTech is here to help. We are proud of our vast database of qualified technical people, reputation for hiring from personal recommendations from current employees, and skills at mining the web for the best IT talent. You won’t have to attract and sift through a massive pile of resumes; instead, you can enjoy the luxury of speaking only with those recruits who are qualified. Contact us today to learn how we simplify IT staffing for our clients.

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