A Brief Hiring Manager’s Guide to IT Staffing

Tips for IT Staffing Managers

There’s little doubt that the hiring managers in charge of attracting, recruiting and evaluating technical people face many challenges today. In many parts of the U.S., it’s tough to attract qualified talent because competition for top prospects is so intense. After IT hiring managers select recruits to interview, they have to figure out which ones have the skills, aptitude and personality to get the job done and fit in well with the company or even an individual team. Companies that recruit IT staff need to have a good hiring system in place to make sure they are attracting and hiring the right people.

Implement an IT Hiring System to Make Recruiting Effective and Fair

It’s almost certain that IT managers already know which of their current employees they most hope to retain. These managers can work with recruiters to document some of the qualities that tend to be common among their most valuable employees. Of course, some of these criteria will include specific sets of skills or a demonstrated aptitude to learn new technical concepts.

Beyond these basics, some jobs might require people who live or will relocate to a certain city, who have indicated a willingness to travel, or who don’t mind pulling an evening or weekend shift during a busy time. The exact personal traits required for each job will vary.

Once a list of criteria has been established, they might be prioritized. After that, there should be a way to score candidates to determine which ones are likely to become valuable employees in the future. This provides IT hiring managers with a fair and efficient way to hire the right people for the jobs that they need to fill.

We Want to Make IT Staffing Easier for Your Company

At iTech, we’re here to simplify hiring the right IT staff for your particular project and unique company. You tell us about the people that you need to hire, and we’ll help you get it done. Learn more about IT staffing with iTech.

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