Future Tech Recruiting Trends to Watch

Predictions for Tech Recruiting Beyond 2016

What’s next in the field of tech recruiting? IT staffing departments already struggle to find recruits with certain skills. Unemployment rates for technical people have fallen as low as 2 percent in some areas, according to a report by the Society of Human Resource Management, or SHRM. At the same time, the way that software gets developed and maintained is evolving rapidly, so it’s not enough to know which software jobs are tough to fill now; it’s also critical to keep an eye on the future. With this in mind, it might help to consider some IT staffing predictions for the next few years.

In-Demand Skills for Tech Recruiting in the Future

The SHRM also analyzed job posting information from DICE, a popular tech job board. According to this report, average IT salaries in mid-2016 topped out at over $96,000, which is an 8 percent increase over the previous year. It’s probably fair to predict that companies may need to offer competitive salaries or other perks to recruit qualified talent. Some of the most desirable skills from the analysis of this job board include:

  • Java and/or Python as programming languages
  • Experience or education in the design of user interfaces
  • Cybersecurity
  • Programming and databases for use with big data

It’s pretty safe to assume that the skills that companies demand today will still be hot for some time. Besides these, the competition for skills in some other areas is expected to increase very soon:

  • Machine learning has become important for the development of many applications, including the Internet of Things, or IoT. Recently, IBM has been promoting the API for their own cognitive data platform, usually represented by Watson, the famous AI personality.
  • Programmers use containers to reliably and simply port applications from one computing system to another. Companies that use cloud computing have generated a need for people with the right skills to understand how containers work.

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