Are You Struggling to Hire a Team of Software Developers?

Are You Struggling to Hire a Team of Software Developers?

If you’re ready to hire a team of developers, you may want to get comfortable because according to Rootstrap, the average time it takes to hire a software developer is between two to 6 weeks– but that only applies to a typical software developer who’s hired for a very basic position. If you require a developer with specialized skills, as is often the case, your hiring timeframe could be weeks longer.

This is the reality of hiring a single software developer. But what if you need more than just one developer; what if you need an entire team? You’re tasked with filling multiple positions and in the process, you must be sure that you choose talent who can mesh well with others. A group of individuals does not constitute a team; you need to find developers who have a productive dynamic.

With that said, it’s probably no surprise that the recruiting and hiring process can be a long and rather frustrating one. This is especially true of staffing needs that relate to high-value or especially time-sensitive projects. In many cases, it is not uncommon for a company to spend 8-to-12 weeks or longer hiring a specialized team of software developers. To make matters worse, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all developer, so you could find yourself in a scenario where you’re approached by a development team leader because they’re concerned about a new hire who just isn’t pulling their weight. In the haste to fill a position, a company may overlook the traits that are required to find the right tech talent for the job.

You may not be entirely surprised to learn that on average, there are five companies competing for every available developer. There is a tremendous gap between supply and demand in this talent pool, and that gap is expected to grow even larger. That’s because mobile technology, the Internet of Things, and everyday uses for technology — like summoning a ride via Uber or turning up your home’s AC using an IoT-integrated smart home app — are becoming more and more commonplace. According to U.S.News, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects 26% growth in this profession over the next 10 years, which is about 371,000 jobs.

Why is it So Challenging to Hire a Team of Developers (Quickly)?

The ability to call in a team of developers quickly is important for many companies, both large and small, as it gives you the flexibility to take on profitable projects that you might otherwise be forced to pass up. It also positions you to implement new software and other tech measures promptly.

You may know that you need team members with skills X, Y, and Z. But finding those developers precisely when you need them and assembling a team that can work in a cohesive, productive manner can be a challenge. There are many obstacles standing in your way, including the following:

  • You must form a cohesive team, with individuals who complement each others’ personalities, working styles, and skill sets;
  • Recruiters may have a limited understanding of what skills and attributes are required in tech talent, so you could end up with a team that’s poorly equipped to meet your needs;
  • Many HR staff lack the knowledge required to properly evaluate tech candidates effectively, so they’re forced to cut corners or pull experts from an already-time-pressed tech department; and
  • Company leaders may focus exclusively on technical capabilities, failing to consider the importance of soft skills and team dynamics.

When you combine a short timeframe with the typical challenges associated with hiring a software developer, IT experts, or other tech staff,  you may find that you’ve created a recipe for disaster. In the end, this can result in a scenario where you hire the wrong person (or people) — a potentially costly mistake. It’s not uncommon to hear of companies that spent months assembling a development team that had good dynamics and the collective skill set required to get the job done right. But you don’t have months. So what’s the solution?

IT Staffing Services and Other Hiring Solutions

An alternative option is to turn to a tech staffing service provider, who has the experience and knowledge required to assemble a winning team quickly. Staffing firms have several advantages over the internal HR department. They have refined the tech recruiting, screening, and vetting processes, and their extensive knowledge of the tech industry means they’re well-positioned to find the right person for the position. Tech staffing firms also maintain a massive database of candidates who are open to new opportunities, so they can often assemble a cohesive team with minimal recruiting.

Tech staffing firms like iTech specialize in temporary on-site staffing services, which provides companies with an added advantage: you’ll get the right talent precisely when you need it, thereby allowing you to seize opportunities that you would normally pass up. iTech deals in temporary staffing solutions, so if your need is long-term, your company will get the time it needs to properly assemble a permanent team. The temporary team serves as an interim solution, fulfilling your needs in the short term. We also offer tech consulting services, so our experts can provide you with the guidance you need to improve your recruiting and hiring process for developers and other tech staff.

iTech’s development teams are well-established groups, with members who have already learned how to reach maximum productivity as a cohesive unit. This means you’ll see the best results right out of the starting gate, which is good news if you’re on a tight deadline.

iTech is based in Dallas, Texas and we work with clients locally and beyond DFW, Houston, and Austin. If you need help to hire a team of developers, contact us today

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