The Traits of the Best Software Development Teams

You’ve just gotten the go-ahead to move on a potentially lucrative new project. However, as a hiring manager, you’re in a challenging position. You’re tasked with assembling one of the best software development teams your company has ever seen. And they need to be productive right out of the gate! It’s an assignment that has you wondering: what makes one team successful and efficient, while another team struggles to get the job done?

The best software development teams have specific traits in common. These include a sense of unity, effective communications, an established hierarchy, and highly-redundant skills. Understanding these characteristics can help you find the right talent for your needs, and then to pair individuals with teammates who complement their skills and knowledge.

The Top Development Teams Have the Same Vision


It is important that your developers feel as though they’re part of a team. Otherwise, it’s impractical to expect them to work together as a cohesive group. Each team’s dynamics and chemistry is unique. In some cases, the team operates as a well-oiled machine with very little effort. Other teams require a concerted effort to work as an efficient and cohesive unit. For the latter group, team-building exercises or even changing team members can be help build that sense of unity and boost productivity.

You will also need to consider each individual’s team-player capabilities, and the environment where they’re most likely to thrive right from the hiring process and the team assignment phase. If you don’t, you can end up with a mismatch. For example, someone who works best in small groups may feel lost and overwhelmed if placed on a large team.

The Most Efficient Teams of Software Developers Communicate Effectively


Good communication is essential for any project, but it’s especially true in the world of agile development, as this methodology demands a high degree of collaboration and strong communication skills.

Modern project management portals like Jira have made communication and collaboration much easier. It’s essential that all team members understand what type or degree of communication is expected and when a task that falls within the realm of project management. The most important factor concerns individual communication styles. It comes down to hiring a tech team that communicates effectively.

The Best Teams of Software Developers Have Well-rounded Skills


The division of labor and determining precisely who does what is critical for success. But what happens if there’s just one individual with Skill A and Skill B, and both skills must be leveraged simultaneously (in a way that would be impossible for one person to execute)? This is a very real problem for many development teams. Ideally, you should have a high degree of redundancy in terms of skills and expertise.

The issue of redundancy is one that can be addressed in multiple ways. These include hiring and recruiting phase candidates with the needed skills, as well as continuing education. This is one area where it can be very beneficial to promote continued learning for your talent–particularly if you have a great team that is otherwise well-balanced and productive.

The challenges associated with building a strong, efficient team are amplified when hiring temporary onsite talent. You need team members who can integrate quickly and achieve maximum performance levels right out of the gate. This is where it can be advantageous to work with an IT and tech staffing services provider such as iTech. We have the ability to source the ideal team members from anywhere on the planet, building a cohesive, productive team that can be dispatched to work on-site as-needed. In fact, many of our development teams have worked together in the past, so you can enjoy the benefit of having a group with great dynamics and the ideal skill set you need for success. Based in Dallas, the staffing service providers at iTech serve clients across Texas and throughout the nation. We invite you to contact us if you need help finding IT staff or building the ideal team of software developers for your next project.

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