Cloud Security: Companies Need the Cloud but Are Not Protecting It

Companies Aren’t Encrypting Most Cloud Data

Gemalto and the Ponemon Institute collaborated on a large study of the way that companies use the cloud to store data and run applications. The study’s poll included thousands of companies from all over the world. IT executives responded to this survey with some alarming answers:

  • Three out of four companies now rely heavily on cloud data and applications.
  • Most companies don’t encrypt all sensitive cloud data and a good portion of companies don’t encrypt cloud data at all.

Cloud Security Problems

The report appeared to reveal common problems that companies had with cloud security:

  • Shadow IT:  Shadow IT is a term that describes information technology solutions that haven’t been approved of or developed officially but still operate within companies. A common example of this is the increasing use of people’s personal mobile devices to perform job duties.
  • Provider Transparency: Even some large companies don’t really understand what their cloud providers do to ensure security. When businesses rely upon third-party providers to store data or run applications, it’s important to know that those providers take data security seriously.
  • Encryption: Data encryption software is widely available and accessible. However, it’s not used enough. Cloud users need more education and company direction to protect sensitive information in the cloud.

Companies are using cloud solutions to archive data, run applications, and even setup development platforms. Some businesses have transferred much of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. At the same time that overall reliance has increased, many companies still struggle to provide security. Hackers are eager to find opportunities to exploit insecure cloud networks. Cyber criminals can cost businesses a tremendous amount of money and damage reputations. Security needs to involve with cloud technology because it’s just as important as it ever was.

We Can Make Your Company’s Cloud Secure

At iTech, we solve all sorts of IT problems. Contact us to audit your current cloud data and software practices. We can suggest secure solutions that will let you benefit from the cloud and help keep your valuable information safe.

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