Update on the IoT’s Rapid Growth

The IoT and Related Technology

The Internet of Things, or IOT, describes all of the connected devices in the world. The IoT keeps growing at a geometrically rapid rate. It’s no longer enough to simply see reports every year or to get five-year forecasts. Forbes took the chance to use a collection of studies to produce a mid-year report on current growth trends. The report also included comments on related technologies that the IoT is likely to depend upon for future growth.

IoT Growth Trends and Predictions

These are some IoT facts and predictions:

  • Data: A Zettabyte contains 180 trillion GB. In 2015, the entire world created less than 10 ZB of data. Within a decade, experts predict the creation of 180 ZB annually.
  • Analytics: Of course, this data has to get analyzed and reported upon to be truly useful. By the next decade, just analytics data is expected to outpace the entire amount of data collected in the world in 2015.
  • Networks: Right now, 60 percent of IoT communication runs over traditional Wi-Fi. About a quarter runs over a low-power WAN, and fifteen percent moves over cellular networks. The rise of low-power WAN for IoT data is expected to continue.

The IoT’s growth pattern suggests growth in some technologies that are needed to support it. Critical technologies include business intelligence and networking. It’s important to keep an eye on these evolving or emerging technologies as well. Without them, the IoT’s growth may get stalled.

For example, it will take machine learning and cognitive platforms to process all of the data that the IoT generates. The need for communication between devices means that networking should continue to evolve. For example, Bluetooth technology is expected to grow beyond mostly personal use for cell phones and music players to become a vital technology for the future IoT. In addition, more low-power networks should arise to take some share from traditional Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

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