Enterprise Resource Planning Expects Disruption From the IoT

The IoT’s Impact Upon Enterprises

It’s not difficult to find statistics about the rapid growth of the IoT and of course, predictions for future growth. It’s less common, however, to find discussions about the dramatic changes the IoT is likely to make in daily life and ordinary business practices. As technology and connections improve, people may be freed from most manual tasks. They can allow their machines to monitor their environment, communicate with each other, and even respond to changes. The real discussion isn’t about the number of connected devices; it’s about the way that the IoT will change the way that people live and work.

The Rapid Growth and Evolution of the IoT

As a reminder, the SAP® blog used a variety of resources to remind readers about the IoT’s growth predictions:

  • Within five years, the population of devices on the IoT is expected to reach 50 billion.
  • By 2030, that population could increase to 200 billion.

People might still interact with the world of connected things by using mobile devices, laptops and PCs. Those devices may look and function somewhat differently, but they’ll probably be as recognizable as a QWERTY keyboard would be to somebody who traveled to 2030 from 1930. The visitor from the 1930s might not know exactly how to use the machine, but he or she would understand the accessory is used to type. However, the real work of processing information may turn these devices into portals to access cognitive platforms and cloud storage centers, where the real computing gets done.

According to the blog, about a third of today’s industry leaders believe that their own functions and positions will be disrupted during this drastic transformation. When all of the possibilities get considered, it’s sort of surprising that the number of executives and experts who wonder how the IoT will impact their own future is so small.

Let iTech Help Your Business Prepare for the IoT’s Disruption

Of course, we understand that the heart of the IoT will still be the people who live and work in new ways. That’s why your people need to talk to our people to find your own company’s path to success in this new age. At iTech, we’re optimistic about the future, and we hope to help you understand how your company can change for the better. Use our contact page to call or email us right away to discuss your IT strategy.

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