New Software Helps Small Businesses Prepare for Digital Age

Small Businesses and the Age of Digital Business

This era has been referred to as the Information Age for quite some time. It’s difficult for people who are actually living in a certain age to have a true perspective about where they are when trends change. Did people who lived during the Bronze Age or Industrial Revolution really understand what was happening? At the same time, people who live during these current times may have more perspective because they do have more information. Thus, it’s probably fair to say that we’re only just beginning to enter a truly digital era, but changes are happening really fast.

Small Businesses at the Brink of the Digital Age

One way to understand how the digital age is still evolving is to consider predictions for the future. For example, Forbes reported upon a Gartner prediction about how businesses would use data to improve. Gartner said that companies would use data-driven analysis to dramatically transform themselves. They believe that digital technology and information would cause businesses to either change, computerize or eliminate 80 percent of current business processes. This is all expected to happen within the next five years.

Software companies have rushed to the market with software that can help even small businesses cope with changes and prosper. One example might be the Business One application from SAP®. A few noteworthy features of this software include the real-time access to company data, an intuitive interface and business analytics. Instead of having to rely upon many, patched-together computer systems, owners and managers can enjoy using one central application that allows them to see everything that’s going on with their company.

At iTech, We Move Small Businesses Forward Into the Digital Age

Does your company hope to develop customized software solutions, need help using vendor software, or simply not really know how to get started? In any case, we have the people and the technology that can help your business gain an edge during this time of rapid changes. All you need to do is contact us to take the first step forward.

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