How to Hire Top Software Engineers on a Budget

Within three years, there will be a million more computing jobs than eligible applicants, according to estimates. This means top software developers and engineers will continue to be in high demand. They’ll be awash in opportunities and offers, and can take their pick. This causes hiring managers to try and find new ways to get their attention. How can they hire top software engineers on a startup budget? How can they find them on any budget? Companies, regardless of size, have P&L considerations. So how can you land enterprise talent in a competitive market while ensuring you get the best possible value? Many companies find great value in IT staffing agencies. Let’s take a quick look at why.

IT Staffing Agencies Do the Screening, Interviewing and Vetting

One of the immediate values of using an IT staffing agency to access software engineering talent comes from the screening, interviewing and vetting processes. When you tap talent from an IT staffing agency, you’ll know that the professionals working for you not only have been screened for the correct development languages and other software engineering proficiencies, but also have the right set of soft skills to fit your company and its culture.

In addition to supplying temp workers, the right IT staffing agency can also provide you with entire teams of software developers and engineers assembled specifically to produce optimal results from the start. Most hiring managers know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to hire and grow a full-time team that works well together. The same concern applies to recruiting freelancers, too. Unless you’ve worked with a freelancing candidate before, you’re taking a risk not just on their job-specific skills, but also on their ability to perform well within your environment—and with others.

If you aren’t highly technical yourself, the screening process comes with an extra level of difficulty, as you’ll need to consult with experts who can ascertain whether a candidate has the right mix of skills and workstyle you need. Having an IT staffing agency handle that for you saves time (and, in the long run, money).

Accessing Top IT Talent While Lowering Risk

Using an IT staffing agency gives you immediate access to top-level software developers and engineers without the risks of hiring the wrong talent. Even if you have enough money to fast-track the process, you can end up expediting the hiring of the wrong people. In many cases, hires aren’t necessarily missing required job skills; instead, it’s their inability to work effectively with your team that causes problems. With an IT staffing agency, you can make sure the talent you bring in will gel with your colleagues and workflow.

The best IT staffing agencies recruit globally, ensuring you get not just the best talent in your area, but the best talent, period. Tapping into the worldwide IT talent pool will be increasingly necessary as it becomes more difficult to entice the best US-based devs.

Although it would seem that using an IT staffing agency would automatically make your staffing dollars go further than if you hired a full-time staff yourself, there is a caveat: Make sure your agency divulges the percentage their talent gets. If you pay, for example, $100 per hour and the agency takes half, you’re getting half the value you expected. iTech talent receive competitive compensation, and our clients benefit from that. You’ll know upfront that you’re getting the level of talent for which you paid. [bctt tweet=”If you pay $100 per hour and a staffing agency takes half, you’re getting half the value you expected. ” via=”no”]

If you have any questions about the level of IT talent you can access for your budget or would like to know how long it takes to get a software developer or team on-board, we’d like to hear from you.

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