On-Site Staffing Solutions: Finding the Best Person for the Job

In today’s tech-centric world, many jobs are performed remotely. According to GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com, 3.7 million Americans hold a position that allows for remote work. A survey of Fortune 1000 companies revealed that this trend is even more widespread on a global level, with workers working remotely as much as 50 to 60 percent of the time.

However, many projects demand an on-site presence. This is especially true of some of the most collaborative agile development projects, along with many IT projects involving on-site hardware and secure, on-site networks. For this reason, many companies turn to on-site staffing instead of remote resources. This means that most recruiting efforts are focused on a local level, thereby limiting your talent pool. One alternative lies in on-site staffing, which provides a benefit by sourcing temporary staff from all corners of the globe and sent to work at your company’s offices.

Finding the Best Person for the Job

On-site staffing solutions provide you with the best person for the job—not just the best local person. When compared to the larger hiring pool, your local talent may not be the ideal choice for your needs. You don’t want to find yourself forced to hire someone because they’re your only option. This can lead to poor results, a longer project timeframe and budget overruns.

Recruiting becomes exponentially more complex for large corporations and enterprises, because these companies need more than just one or two people; chances are that they need an entire team of developers. This makes it even less likely that you’ll truly find the ideal person for the job at a local level.

Getting the best person for the job can make a tremendous difference in the timeline or pace of your project, and in the overall quality of the work that’s performed. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to work with a company that provides you with the temporary on-site staff that you need to achieve the desired results.

A tech staffing services provider can conduct a broader search to find the ideal fit that can hit the ground running on day one. What’s more, there’s a fair chance that an incredible match is already available in the staffing firm’s ranks, provided you turn to a service provider that understands the intricacies of software development. This can greatly reduce the timeframe of the talent acquisition process as well as your project outcome.

The Benefits of Onsite Staffing Resources

Many companies—even some large multinational corporations—lack good access to talent. To make matters more complex, if you’re seeking talent to work on-site, you’ll need to ensure that these individuals meet various state and federal compliance requirements. This process can be quite complex and costly. As a result, many large enterprises veer away from hiring staff who might require measures such as visa sponsorship, thinking it too complex. This forces a more localized search that may not serve the companies’ best interests.


This is another area where it can be helpful to work with a tech staffing firm that recruits from a broader pool of talent. Again, the idea is to search out the best person for the job—regardless of location. Such staffing companies can even handle the visa sponsorship process if that’s what it takes to get the best talent. Our company, iTech, sponsors the talent, who are then temporarily dispatched to work on-site at the client’s company.


Finding the best person for the project is essential in today’s hyper-competitive techsphere. This is a significant advantage of working with a tech staffing firm such as iTech. iTech has the experience required to find skilled, proven talent. What’s more, companies are afforded far greater control over the project since it will be handled on-site. This allows businesses to leverage existing on-site talent and resources, translating into cost savings.

iTech serves companies and organizations throughout the United States with a goal of securing a firm understanding of the client’s development project’s specs, which are then used as the basis of your job description. From there, we’ll recruit, screen and vet candidates, providing our top picks for the project. Our goal is to reduce expenses while maximizing productivity. Contact iTech to learn more about our service offerings.

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