Professional Report Authoring With IBM’s Cognos Analytics

Professional Report Authoring With Cognos Analytics

Some of the best things about the latest version of IBM’s Cognos are the report-authoring features. The platform has a self-service interface that offers business analysts plenty of advantages over comparable tools. Of course, the fairly intuitive and intent-driven system should help even new users produce and edit sophisticated reports quickly. Also, analysts will enjoy the ability to produce their own customized reports without having to wait for an IT staff member to help them out.

Features of Cognos Analytics Report Authoring

If you’ve never compared report-authoring tools before or just haven’t seen a new version of Cognos, you might be interested in some of these features:

  • Work offline: If you need to work offline because you’re traveling or presenting at a client’s office, you might appreciate the active reports feature. You can keep both reports and associated data active on your remote computer. When you get back online, you can synchronize any changes with the main system.
  • Mobile tools: You don’t have to stay tied to a desktop computer to use the system. The latest version supports Windows devices, the iPhone, and even Blackberry devices.
  • Report suggestions: The system can intelligently suggest the best ways to format reports. These suggestions are based upon the type of data in the report and how previous users have handled their reports. Power users are still perfectly free to define their own custom reports.
  • Pre-designed themes and templates: You don’t have to be a graphic designer to produce reports that you’ll be proud to take to the boardroom or publish in a company newsletter. Simply pick a template and a visualization, link your data, add text, and you’ve got a professional report.

Learn More About Cognos Report Authoring Tools

Once you take a closer look at Cognos Analytics, we’re sure that you see how it can speed up your report authoring process. Get started right away by contacting us at iTech, an IBM partner. We can also discuss other features of this product and other state-of-the-art business intelligence tools.

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