Introducing the New SAP® AppHaus in Silicon Valley


The New SAP® Apphaus in Silicon Valley Fosters Design-Centered Thinking

SAP® has opened the doors to its latest AppHaus in California. Silicon Valley seems an ideal location for a facility like this because the company intends to use the AppHaus to foster design-centered thinking. Certainly, that part of California has a reputation as a center for a creative and user-centered approach to design. Company employees, clients, and students may use this new facility to experiment with all sorts of technology and their own ideas. This technology includes robotics, virtual reality, 3D printing, and more.

Understanding Design-Centered Thinking

Sometimes called design thinking, this approach used to simply center on making products look better by including designers on teams. In other words, designers would work with established ideas to make products appear more pleasing to consumers. These days, the approach has expanded to having designers actually create new ideas that can be turned into a reality with new technology.

As a simple example, consider the Pokemon games that have been popular for decades. There have been many video games, TV show episodes, card decks, and movies based on these characters. Pokemon is probably familiar to anybody who has been a child or had a child within the last 20-plus years.

It isn’t difficult to believe that the new reality enhanced game that’s called Pokemon Go is the result of design thinking. This new mobile app integrates the game with the physical surroundings around the player. It’s an evolution that’s possible because of improved technology and very creative thinking.

Of course, this kind of design-centered thinking can also generate ideas for more than just entertainment. This approach may be useful to help improve products and business processes too. It’s all about integrating creativity with technology.

At iTech, We Turn Creative Ideas Into Realty

We’re experts in technology, but we employ that technology as a tool to turn great ideas into smarter business practices. If you have a great idea that needs developing into a real product, contact us right away to discuss it. We can provide the advice and the skills to turn your vision into an actual product or service.

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