Simplified Business Intelligence With IBM’s Cognos Analytics

The Importance of Business Intelligence Platforms Like Cognos Analytics

“Business intelligence” is the term used to refer to the process of transforming data into meaningful insights. According to a Boston University infographic, more than half of all professionals believe their own companies need to invest more in this practice. Today’s companies have a strong motivation to increase profits by analyzing information. Thus, 75 percent of companies are expected to adopt some type of business intelligence by 2020. Products like Cognos Analytics from IBM can help many types and sizes of companies turn data into valuable insights.

A Quick Overview of Cognos Analytics

The latest version of this product offers an intuitive interface that’s easy to learn to use. The product features intent-driven suggestions to make it easier to prepare the dashboard without a long learning curve. This smart interface uses AI to base suggestions upon the past actions of all users, and, in particular, the current user. In this way, the product actually gets better with use.

In addition, users can prepare and edit reports themselves. This means that they don’t have to wait to request a report from the IT staff. The system will even suggest various graphical and reporting formats, depending upon the type of data displayed. Of course, power users can always override the suggestions. Some important highlights of this platform are that Cognos provides an easy way to perform analysis and prepare professional reports for others.

Get the Competitive Edge With iTech Business Intelligence

We thrive by staying ahead of the competition, and we can help you do the same. At iTech, we’ve partnered with IBM to offer Cognos Analytics to our own clients. We can help you turn any size of data into meaningful and actionable insights to help your company streamline business processes and engage better with customers. We’d like to invite you to learn more about iTech business intelligence tools. Be sure and contact us to learn more about our company. In turn, we can help you learn more about business and your customers.

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