The Advantages of Working Onsite for IT Staff

The Advantages of Working Onsite for IT Staff

As of 2023 27% of U.S. employees work remotely according to research done by Zippia, and these figures represent a 22% increase over 2018’s figures. The work-from-home figure was even higher in the tech industry.

But telecommuting can come at a cost, particularly for temporary staff who must achieve maximum productivity in a relatively short timeframe. And that’s not the only potential drawback. Hiring managers and company leaders alike may hold some very real concerns over productivity and confidentiality, amongst other issues.

While working remotely has become very commonplace in the tech industry, the benefits of working onsite are still numerous and significant. As a hiring manager, what advantages can you expect to enjoy if you require developers and other tech staff to work onsite at your location?

Immersion as One of the Advantages of Working Onsite

Immersion has long been regarded as one of the most efficient learning environments. When an employee works onsite, they’re immersed in your unique company culture. This can drive productivity since they can learn those onboarding essentials much faster. You’ll be speeding the learning process as a new or temporary team member gets acclimated to the project and the workplace.

For projects involving temporary staff, this is especially good news. You want to ensure that your talent gains momentum as quickly as possible, so you can make the most of your limited time together. It’s easy to see how an individual would be much faster to ramp up while working onsite versus working remotely, where they’re more isolated and largely left to their own devices.

Improved Communication When Working at a Client’s Location

Agile development methodologies are team-centric, which inherently involves a lot of communication. Communication tends to occur more naturally when everyone is in the same place. It also becomes much easier to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Consider the small remarks that you might make to a co-worker while coding. These are remarks that you would simply omit if you were working remotely. But collectively, those comments can convey large volumes of information, while promoting collaboration.

In fact, it can be challenging to develop a sense of cohesion and unity when many team members are working remotely. For this reason, many companies ask staff to work on-site for a minimum number of days per week or for certain phases of a project. But many development team leaders would probably agree that the most communicative and productive teams tend to be those where all of the members regularly work onsite. This can be especially vital for temporary staff, who may otherwise lack that sense of team if they’re isolated from the rest of the group.

The Benefits of Working at Your Company Location: Greater Control

It’s far easier for development team leaders to maintain control over a project when all of the developers are working together onsite. This can be critical for highly complex, multi-faceted projects with lots of moving parts. It’s also far more likely that problems or errors will be identified early in the game if everyone is working at the same office location, which can help companies to avoid costly mistakes or missteps.

It’s also easy to see how employees may be more productive while working onsite at your company’s office location. For instance, there may be fewer non-work-related distractions in some cases.

There is also greater control over data and information when everyone works onsite. This can be very important for many companies, especially those dealing with financial data or personal information such as medical records. Medical records, in particular, are governed closely by HIPAA. Many businesses have sensitive in-house data too. It can be rather disconcerting knowing that staff may be accessing this information from a less-than-secure device or connection. This is a major benefit of onsite staff, as you have far greater control over security-related issues. You can implement in-house security measures and protocols that ensure a secure connection to a virus-free device, whereas it’s virtually impossible to regulate this sort of thing if an employee is accessing your network via a personal device in a remote location.

Taking Advantage of the Benefits of Working Onsite With Temporary Staffing

Challenges surrounding productivity, security, and efficiency tend to be amplified when dealing with temporary staff, which makes it even more important to bring talent to work onsite whenever possible.

When you work with an IT staffing services provider like iTech, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll have access to talent from across the globe—talent who can work onsite at your office location for the duration of your project. What’s more, since we seek talent on a global basis, clients can rest assured knowing that they have the best person for the job; not just the best local person for the job. Our experts will work with hiring managers like you to understand your unique needs and requirements. From there, we’ll develop a profile of the ideal person for the job. Then, we set out to find talent who meets your precise criteria. If you’re ready to start your search for the top temporary IT staff, turn to iTech today.

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