3 Top IT Recruiting Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Overcoming the Biggest Recruiting Challenges in IT

Well-established tech giants such as Facebook might not have to struggle much to attract and retain technical talent, but most companies don’t have the technical or brand reputation to simply use their company names as a draw for pulling in crowds of eager recruits. If you’ve struggled with IT staffing, you might consider these tips to help with the biggest challenges for IT recruiters.

How to Overcome the Three Biggest IT Recruiting Challenges

Executives from the Forbes Technology Council weighed in on some of the largest challenges that confronted their own companies and how they worked to overcome them. Three main IT staffing issues that these top executives mentioned include:

  1. Finding qualified applicants: To solve challenges in locating hard-to-find applicants, many companies found that using third-party recruiters made their job much easier. It saved time to only have to sort through a short list of top people, so that method was preferred over putting the initial burden for advertising a job posting upon their busy hiring managers.
  2. Attracting top talent: Because of IT shortages, companies have to use some creative methods to attract the best people. Competitive salaries help, but some businesses have also enjoyed success by offering perks such as flexible work schedules and the ability to work remotely.
  3. Evaluating applicants: It’s often difficult to decide which applicants have the right skills and the right personality for a particular position. To evaluate candidates, it helps to have hiring managers and recruiters work together to identify the qualities of ideal employees. Using a systematic approach for scoring different job applicants is fairer and more likely to result in better hiring choices.

At iTech, We Solve IT Recruiting Challenges

We maintain a large database of qualified IT people with many different educational and work backgrounds. We also offer our own IT staff for managed technology projects. Learn more about the many ways that iTech can help your company solve IT staffing issues.

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