How to Overcome the IT Staffing Shortage

How Can Companies Cope With IT Staffing Shortages?

Many companies struggle with IT staffing shortages, and recruiting qualified technical people in some areas is likely to remain a problem for the next few years. Indeed, U.S. schools just aren’t cranking out new graduates fast enough to fill demand, as illustrated by these figures:

  • Every year, American companies create 120,000 positions that require a computer science degree.
  • Meanwhile, U.S. universities only graduate 49,000 people with computer science or related degrees.
  • This means that the economy has a deficit of more than 70,000 educated people to fill jobs by relying just on American graduates.
  • The number of foreign workers who gain entry into the country isn’t large enough to fill the gap.

Can IT Staffing Companies Help Fill Positions for Your Company?

The process of recruiting and evaluating technical job applicants has become difficult. Besides the shortage of recruits for some positions, it’s hard for companies to publish effective job postings and then sort through the applicants that they get. Increasingly, companies turn to specialized businesses to help them fill vacancies or even manage projects.

Outsourcing companies keep skilled applicants in a database, so they can rapidly produce lists of qualified people. If the entire management of an IT project gets handled by a third party, that company has the responsibility of hiring, managing and training employees. You just need to negotiate a price and deadlines, and you can leave everything else to the managed IT provider. In an era when it’s hard to find people with certain technical skills, it makes sense to turn the task over to a business that specializes in this task.

We Know How to Hire and Retain the Best Technical People

At iTech, we offer both IT staffing and managed services. We personally have a rate of employee retention of 90 percent and are proud to say that we know how to hire and retain the best people. Learn more about technical recruiting and IT staffing with iTech.

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