4 Executive Tips to Hire Tech Talent

How Do Tech Executives Hire Top Technical Talent?

Executives from a handful of notable, high-tech companies engaged in a recent panel discussion on the best ways to hire technical talent. Some of the companies represented included VMware, Stripe, and Dropbox. While the tech executives agreed on many hiring tips, they also disagreed about some things. This may have been because their company cultures differed, and they didn’t all have the same priorities. These tips could prove valuable, but every business really needs to develop their own hiring strategy.

Four Hiring Tips from Tech Execs

These were the most common points of agreement or disagreement about hiring IT staff and other technical people:

  • Most executives agreed that internships provided a valuable chance to attract young talent. The internship period gives the candidate and the team a chance to really get to know each other.
  • The executives also agreed that they shouldn’t shy away from hiring immigrants to fill hard-to-place spots. They observed that people from other cultures and countries often helped fuel innovation and were necessary to fill gaps.
  • Before creating job postings, hiring managers really need to know what or who is competing for top talent. In some cases, it might be a famous tech company; but in other cases, it could just be a better location.
  • One point of contention was the idea of paying higher salaries to attract superstar talent. While some companies believed the high producers brought value, others believed that it was management’s job to hire good people and groom them to produce more.

In addition, the executives talked about their company cultures. For example, some companies might value people with a more humble character; however, others preferred a little swagger. It’s this cultural fit that might be key to retaining people. There aren’t right or wrong company cultures, but they do differ quite a bit. The executives agreed that company cultures needed to get expressed in the hiring process. This way, they could find applicants who be more likely to fit in smoothly and stay loyal.

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