Using Data to Enhance the Customer Experience

With ubiquitous connectivity and increasingly cheap hardware, digital technology is increase revenue for brick and mortar stores through better customer experiences that result in better retention and greater profit per customer.

In a post and video about their consumer insight tool, the SAP® blog mentioned some statistics about one nationwide retailer that used consumer data to help improve the customer experience and keep people in their stores longer. This particular chain kept 75 percent of visitors inside the store for at least 15 minutes. One in five visitors stayed to shop for at least 30 minutes. Indeed, brick and mortar stores can employ digital technology to attract more people into their physical stores and keep them engaged long enough to get them to buy. Obviously, stores that can increase foot traffic and keep people interested longer have a better chance to increase their sales.

Examples of Ways Consumer Insights Help Retailers

The more that retailers can learn about their current and prospective customers, the better chance they have to improve many different aspects of their business. By using their own company or industry data, retail executives have a chance to tailor their own outside or in-store marketing better.

Consider some brief examples of the ways that consumer insights can help improve sales:

  • Retailers might learn where their customers traveled from and how they learned about products in the store. This can help them tailor their advertising to reach a particular type of customer more efficiently.
  • Information about the typical age, income, gender, and other demographics of visitors may help stores create a custom experience for shoppers. Retail managers can use this information to improve product selection, the store’s layout, and many other factors.
  • It’s also interesting to learn about the type of computers or mobile devices that customers use to research purchases. For example, retailers may offer customers more options to connect with them, like emails, text messages, or even mobile apps.

To that, and speaking to mobile apps alone, retail apps will transact 45 percent of all e-commerce sales by 2020, totaling $284 billion in global annual revenue.

At iTech, We Improve Consumer Insights for Retail Stores

We understand that your retail stores need a competitive edge in the form of accessible and valuable business intelligence. We also know that you’re the expert in your business, but we can help by offering you even more insights into the types of customers who walk through the door every day. A talented tech team will not only implement a piece of software, but they will also have the ability to help you establish a support system that will remain in place for the future. And in cases where you’re not implementing an enterprise app or software, you can make the most of these temporary resources by learning from the talent which has been embedded within your company.

Our clients can avoid the costly and time-consuming recruiting process for temporary or part-time staff, since that’s what we do best. Our recruiting experts will find the talent you need to succeed and achieve your objectives. Based in Burlington, Vermont and with a corporate office in Dallas, Texas, iTech works with clients across the United States and beyond.

Contact iTech today to learn more about how our temporary software developer staffing solutions can provide a benefit to your business.

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