FAQ: Financial Benefits of Temporary IT Staffing Services

You’ve just been alerted that two of your lead developers are married couple with a brand new baby boy and will be taking a two-month leave. What’s more, one of your other developers recently left the company and you haven’t had time to backfill that position and today a huge development project got dropped on in your lap. It was a project that you just couldn’t decline. Completing the job with a full staff would be challenging; completing it without several key players will be near-impossible.

Challenges such as this are precisely where temporary staffing services can be useful, as you’ll get the talent you need to get the job done, without the cost and commitment associated with a new permanent hire. When opting for on-site temporary staffing services, you’ll enjoy lots of benefits. In fact, this tech staffing service offers several cost-saving advantages, especially compared with hiring a new permanent employee, hiring a temp or even outsourcing the project.

Companies Enjoy Reduced Recruiting Costs

Consider the long and drawn-out process of seeking new developers or other tech professionals. Instead of that, trusting your recruiting to a team of experts produces major savings by quickly assembling the team and getting your project off the ground to completion on time.

This also frees up your company’s in-house HR and technical teams to focus on more pressing issues. Your company’s resources can be stretched very thin by recruiting, vetting and interviewing new staff. You’ll save a lot of time, man-hours and ultimately, money when you turn to a professional team of recruiters for temporary in-house staffing.

What’s more, a professional tech staffing firm can find the right high-quality talent faster. Firms like iTech have networks of talent already in place, so we’re well-positioned to assemble a winning team precisely when needed.

Save By Choosing the Right Developers the First Time

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a scenario where you’ve hired an individual who seemed perfect with all the right talents, skills and experience yet after a few weeks on the job, you realize that they’re not accustomed to working in a large group during the development process.

This is a great example of what can happen if you don’t hire for cultural fit. You may find yourself in a scenario where employees simply don’t work out because you’ve considered their hard skills but not their soft skills. This leads to hires that just don’t work out, so you suffer financially because you’ve invested in recruiting and training for an employee who may only be moderately productive for a short period of time. This can result in major setbacks and losses when dealing with an important short-term project.

With a staffing firm, you can rest assured knowing that professional tech industry recruiters will identify precisely what skills are required to succeed in your unique company environment. They’ll locate talent that meets this precise criteria, considering hard and soft skills, company culture and other essential factors. This translates into savings since you’ll have a far greater chance of finding and keeping an employee who will be maximally productive during their time with your company. Otherwise, you could end up with a person who is very productive while working in small team environment, but once you add them to a large team, they’re far less productive.

Save Money By Cutting Out Unnecessary Long-term Staff

There are lots of different circumstances that can lead to a need for temporary, short-term staff. For example, you might have a few full-time employees who are simultaneously out of work for an extended period of time. This could spur a need to call in short-term reinforcements for your development team. Or maybe you have a deadline-driven project but lack the in-house resources to make it happen.

These are scenarios where it would make sense to call in help on a short-term basis; hiring someone long-term would be impractical and expensive. You don’t want to spend a lot of time, money and resources on recruiting and training talent for a short-term position. This is when you can really benefit from a team of short-term in-house staffing experts.

You’ll See Financial Savings From Smoother Transitions

A smooth transition and onboarding process can go a long way toward improving your bottom line when taking on new staff. We have lots of integration experience, so you’ll enjoy a major leg-up over the alternatives such as hiring a permanent employee. That’s because iTech provides insourcing tech staffing services. We’ll send a team of software developers to work alongside your in-house staff. Once the job is done, our team will return to iTech, ultimately moving on to the next project. This gives our development teams lots of experience with jumping in and working in-house teams.

This unique software development staffing solution gives companies the ability to complete especially large projects or those that your in-house team can’t handle in a crunch. iTech oversees recruiting and vetting from start to finish, so you can focus on what you do best. Learn more about how iTech’s software developer staffing solutions can benefit your business by contacting us today.

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