FAQ: Should You Hire a Professional Recruiter? – The Benefits of Tech Staffing Services

You’ve spent hundreds on paid job listings. You also invested numerous hours in reviewing resumes, performing interviews and testing candidates. With over 18 million software developers worldwide (as of 2017), it’s perplexing to think that it would be such a challenge to find just a couple who mesh well with your existing team!

Despite your efforts, to date your search has been fruitless and the bottom line is that you just don’t have time for this. Thus far, your efforts haven’t brought you any closer to finding the staff you need and outside of this, you have numerous other important tasks at hand.

The reality is that the recruiting process can be a long and arduous one, sucking up hours of time and resources for relatively little return in many cases. While the investment may be worthwhile for a permanent full-time employee, your company’s resources may be stretched quite thin if you routinely perform intensive recruiting for part-time or short-term positions.

In the tech and IT industry, it’s common for employees to switch jobs every two to three years. In fact, the tech industry as a whole is said to have the shortest employee tenure of any industry, at an average of three years. This is particularly true for Millennials and this statistic is even lower than the average tenure in the food service industry (which surpasses the tech industry with a five-year average for full-time employees.)

For many companies, outsourcing just isn’t an option, due to the sensitive nature of their work or the degree of in-house oversight and control that’s required for many development projects. This means that you must bring someone into your company, whether it’s on a long-term or a short-term basis. Naturally, this means that a need for strong recruiting is unavoidable. Fortunately, there is a solution to consider: Outsource the recruiting process to a professional consulting firm.

So what are the advantages of turning to an expert who can oversee your tech staffing process, sending the right highly-qualified staff directly to your door? The benefits are numerous, ranging from time and financial savings, to freeing your staff up to do whatever it is that they do best.

Recruiters See a Continuous Flow of New Candidates

Over time, the best professional tech recruiters earn a strong reputation in their field. When this happens, recruiters draw qualified candidates in search of placement with the recruiter’s clients. When the talent comes to you, recruiting is far easier, faster and more cost effective since there’s less time and money spent on advertising available positions.

What’s more, experienced recruiters usually have a vast database of potential candidates. So if a developer comes to the recruiter in search of a job and there’s nothing immediately available to match that person’s skill set, they’ll be added to the database for future consideration.

Professional Recruiters Understand What it Takes to Succeed on the Job

Many less-experienced recruiters place emphasis in all of the wrong areas. For example, you may emphasize experience in a specific development niche, but perhaps this isn’t essential if the candidate has a certain critical skill set or relevant experience in a related area of development.

It’s also easy to overlook issues like hiring for cultural fit and considering an individual’s ability to work within your company’s unique atmosphere. You may have an individual who thrives in highly-collaborative small groups, but this person may be overwhelmed when asked to work in a large group, where he must work with a greater number of people, while also taking the initiative that’s required to successfully perform a role in this type of environment.

There are many things you must consider during the recruiting process; it’s more than just testing and evaluating tech skills. Professional recruiters know what to consider and how to weigh the many points that ought to be taken into consideration, from vetting, to the latest best practices and beyond.

An Experienced Recruiter Can Vet Candidates More Effectively

Vetting is an extremely important element of the recruiting equation, as you must be confident that a particular candidate has the skills they need to thrive in a particular position. It’s easy to exaggerate (or outright lie) on a resume, so vetting and confirming a person’s strengths and skills becomes extremely important.

An experienced recruiter will have the time to properly vet each candidate, whereas a busy company leader or HR manager may not have the time to perform in-depth vetting. What’s more, a recruiter can call upon experience as they look out for warning signs that an applicant has been less-than-truthful and forthcoming on their resume.

A Recruiter Can Implement the Latest Best Practices

In many cases of in-house recruiting, you’ll have a HR manager or company leader spearheading the process. But recruiting isn’t their primary area of specialty; they have a different area of professional expertise. As such, they don’t stay up on the latest best practices, the newest online job portals or other tools’ resources and strategies that can simplify and streamline the process.

But a full-time recruiter will have this knowledge…and much more. They’ll know exactly what questions to ask a candidate. They’ll know where to find the best person for a specific position. And they’ll know what tools, resources and strategies can be leveraged to boost the efficiency of the process as a whole.

Turning to an Experienced IT, Tech and Software Developer Staffing Firm Like iTech

iTech has a talented team of recruiting and staffing experts, who know what it takes to assemble a team that can take your project to the next level. In fact, iTech offers a unique staffing service for companies in need of software development teams. We practice insourcing whereby a team is embedded within your company for a period of time as you strive to complete a project. Then, once the project is complete, the team returns to iTech and moves on to the next task.

This unique software development staffing solution gives companies the ability to complete especially large projects or those that simply surpass what your in-house team can accomplish in a reasonable timeframe. Insourcing also lets you achieve your goals without going through the time-consuming recruiting process in-house. iTech oversees recruiting from start to finish, so you can focus on whatever it is that you do best. Learn more about how iTech’s software developer staffing solutions can benefit your company by contacting us today.

Ready to find out if our IT and tech staffing services are right for your company’s needs?

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