Top Seven Benefits of Temporary Software Developers

You’ve invested lots of resources in developing a talented team of software developers, but a recent company merger generated several new (and urgent!) tech projects that surpass what your in-house resources can handle. In short, it’s just not humanly possible for your tech team to address everything in a timely manner.

But here’s the dilemma: you don’t need to expand your tech team on a long-term basis, so new hires aren’t the solution. And temporary staff can be very hit-or-miss in terms of their skill level, productivity and overall effectiveness. You could outsource the project, but you’ve had some bad experiences with this in the past, so you’re very hesitant to do so again.

Another option: hire a team of temporary on-site software developers through Temporary staffing. It’s an alternative to outsourcing or recruiting and hiring a new permanent employee. This solution can be a viable option for companies that need help on a short-term, per-project basis.

What Are the Primary Benefits of Temporary Staffing?

Hiring temporary on-site tech staff is essentially the opposite of outsourcing. Rather than sending a project to a third-party firm, you call in a team to work in-house, right alongside your staff. This arrangement brings numerous benefits to companies, including the following.

Cost Savings: This is a rather obvious benefit, but it’s a significant one that’s worth highlighting. You save money because you don’t need to invest in recruiting or candidate screening. Productivity also tends to be higher than what you’d see with alternative staffing solutions like outsourcing, resulting in greater cost-effectiveness.

Time Savings: You’ll save time since your company won’t need to oversee recruiting, vetting, hiring and integration. In fact, you’ll have greater peace of mind knowing that your team has been assembled by a team of staffing professionals.

More Qualified & Experienced Talent: Although every large company has an HR department, not every HR team has what it takes to accurately and effectively evaluate tech candidates. This is where you can benefit from working with a software developer staffing firm like iTech, since staffing is our specialty. We’re experts in the art of finding tech professionals who have more than just the ability to complete your project; our goal is to assemble a team that will mesh with your company culture and your current staff.

Greater Control and Project Oversight: When you send a project to an outsourcing firm, you lose the ability to control and oversee the project like you would if it was performed in-house. This increases the chances that the project will go off-course, resulting in setbacks. Conversely, if the project remains within your company, you’ll have the ability to closely monitor the development project. If your team begins going down the wrong path, you can intervene promptly and set the project back on the proper course. If the project is outsourced, you may not realize the problem until much further down the road.

A Higher Level of Confidentiality: Some projects include sensitive information and the prospect of sending this info to another company can present a high degree of risk. For these situations, it’s best to keep the project in-house and call in staff to assist with the project. This gives you the ability to maintain tight control over the information in question, in addition to controlling precisely who accesses that data.

Improved Productivity: Unlike a single new employee, who can take several weeks to mesh with colleagues and achieve maximum productivity, this tech staffing strategy brings in an experienced team of programmers and developers. Each insourcing group has well-refined dynamics, along with extensive experience with team integration. This allows them to quickly mesh with your work environment, ensuring maximum productivity right out of the gate.

More Effective Use of Resources: When outsourcing a project, you may not be leveraging your resources in an effective way. For instance, let’s say your team has the time and skills required to complete a portion of the project, but many outsourcing service providers won’t pick up a project mid-stream (or, they charge a premium to do so) Instead of using your available in-house resources, you would have to send the entire project to a third party. That’s wasteful.

Temporary on-site staffing resources aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but they can be a wonderful option for companies that require in-house assistance on a short-term, per-project basis. If you’re seeking assistance with IT and tech staff augmentation and want to learn whether this option may be suitable for your unique situation, that’s precisely where iTech can assist. Contact us today to discuss your staffing needs.

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