What Kind of IT and Software Development Staffing Services Does iTech Offer? What Sets iTech Apart?

iTech was founded in 2003 to transform the IT staffing services industry in the United States. We offer end-to-end IT solutions and the quality of our staffing services is well-represented by our 95% customer retention rate. To deliver the greatest value, our technology experts work to recruit the best candidates for your short-term or long-term tech needs.

Our core competency is delivering temporary in-house staffing services to clients throughout the tech industry, from large enterprises, to multinational corporations. Our unique methodology involves a practice that we call insourcing. This gives clients the freedom to use any and all available in-house resources on a project, which is often far more cost-effective than sending out the entire project to be completed by a third party. Through insourcing, you’ll maintain much greater control over the project when it’s performed in-house, which adds significant value for many clients. These are some of the many benefits of turning to iTech for your software development staffing needs.

What Makes iTech Different?

iTech takes a holistic approach to IT staffing services. We believe that you need a solid foundation in order to achieve a favorable outcome, whether you’re building a mobile app or a software application. We focus on a few different areas, including soft skills, strong specs and cultural fit.

We Know That Project Success is Determined by Soft Skills

A well-rounded software developer will have not only the required technical skills but also the soft skills such as communication, team-oriented skills, as well as cultural assimilation. Unfortunately, most recruiters simply match keywords between the job description and the applicant’s resume before determining that a candidate is the perfect match. A resource cannot be fully evaluated by what’s on their resume. iTech believes that technical skills are 51% of what is required to get the job done well. We also consider their soft skills and their comfort level in your unique work environment.

Agile development methodology is now the general standard for the tech industry, but there are some individuals who have used a waterfall methodology for decades. Depending upon your project needs, this type of person may lack the comfort level required to succeed within certain team dynamics. You also must consider one’s team player capabilities. An individual who thrives in a small team setting may really struggle in a setting where you have a large team assigned to the project. We consider an individual’s working style and communication skills, amongst other things.

Our Expert Crafted Job Descriptions Attract The Best Talent

A solid, precise, well-defined job description is a must-have. Otherwise, you could go off on a tangent which could prove to be costly in terms time and budget. When hiring managers are pressed for time, it’s a common practice to pull an older job description which is quickly revised to suit a new position. But this approach is rarely successful, as the specs that result don’t accurately represent the job in question. Cutting corners during the specification development process will place the recruiter and you in a no-win scenario, because he or she will be tasked with finding talent for a project that has vague, unclear or poorly-crafted specs. As the saying goes, “Garbage in brings garbage out.” Investing properly in this early effort will often produce the fastest ROI. iTech gives hiring managers the insight they need to craft the right job description, incorporating technical skills, soft skills and your company’s cultural environment. This gives you the power to hire the right talent quickly and efficiently.  

Our Clients Benefit From Time and Cost Savings

For a typical company’s HR department, it’s impractical to hire on a per-project basis because finding and screening talent takes time, effort and expertise. The longer and more complex the process, the more expensive it tends to be. Costs associated with the interview process may include travel and accommodations, comprehensive skills testing, and background and drug screening. Further, some of the costs that are harder to quantify may include degradation to employee morale, reducing your quality of production, and general disruption to your team’s synergy. But bringing in resources on-demand can be an extremely cost-effective solution to this. This is where iTech’s experience and talent come into play, as we can quickly provide you with the right talent and individuals who have the right technical skills, soft skills and fit in with the company’s corporate environment, resulting in greater productivity, sooner. And since we handle the recruiting and staffing process, your company won’t need to pull from your own HR team and tech staff to aid in the recruiting or screening process. This is critical for maintaining productivity, especially if you’re already understaffed.

We Emphasize Transparency, Earning Trust and Retention

iTech aims to provide competitive compensation to the talent that we hire for our clients. Many recruiters and staffing firms are vague and non-specific when it comes to compensation for the software developers you’re hiring for the project. We believe in maintaining transparency. We’ve encountered many situations where a company is paying $100 per hour and they assume that this money is going to the talent. As is often the case, the staffing company may be keeping $50 of that $100, which means the company is getting about 50 percent of the value that they thought they were getting.

If you’re seeking software developer staffing services, consider turning to the team here at iTech. We will work with you to identify and meet your exact staffing needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our solutions can provide a solid ROI to your business.

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