FAQ: How Can iTech’s Staffing Solutions Help Prevent Software Development Cost Overruns and Delays?

When you dive into a new project, you expect that that project will go according to plan, remaining on time and on budget. But the reality is very different, with a vast majority of tech projects seeing delays and budget overruns. According to a 2016 study by The Standish Group, less than one-third of the projects performed in a one-year timeframe were completed on time and on budget. Another study revealed that 17 percent of tech projects go awry to the degree that they threaten the company’s very existence.

It would seem that your latest endeavor has fallen into the majority, experiencing delays and higher-than-expected costs. Dread and disappointment settles in the pit of your stomach as you prepare to break the news to your company’s leaders: your latest app development project is running massively over-budget and behind schedule. You squirm as you envision those cold glares. After all, this isn’t a first-time event; you’ve seen this happen before. And it’ll happen again in the future if you don’t take action. But you don’t have the budget to add several new software developers to your staff, and the nature of their work is too complex and sensitive to outsource to a third-party service provider.

One of your newest team members mentioned a possible solution: temporary, on-site software development and IT project staffing services. With this arrangement, a team of developers supplements your team and works toward success, successfully completing the project on time and on budget. Now this — this could work!

How Will the Right Tech Staffing Services Prevent Software Development Budget Overruns and Delays?

When you turn to a firm like iTech for temporary on-site staffing services, you’ll dramatically reduce the risk of seeing delays and budget overruns. Here’s why:

• You can make the most of your in-house talent and resources. There are many cases where you may opt to pass the project to a third-party service provider because you lack the manpower or the necessary knowledge. But you could encounter a scenario where your in-house team could address a portion of the project; you just need a bit of extra support to get it finished. This is a case that lends itself to temporary on-site staffing services. You can simply use your in-house resources, supplemented by a team of tech experts who are on-hand only as long as you require their assistance. This also helps you avoid paying a third-party to complete the entire project.

• You’ll have the manpower you need to meet your deadline. It’s easy to miss deadlines if your team is already stretched thin. When you bring in additional resources, you’ll be better equipped to meet your goals and timelines. This is especially important in the world of app and software development, since there are certain stages of development that cannot proceed until another stage is completed.

• Your tech team will have precise specs and a well-defined project scope. iTech invests a lot of time and effort into training our talent on techniques and strategies to prevent scope creep, which inevitably leads to budget overruns and delays. Therefore, we’re better prepared to spot problems in the very beginning. What’s more, when you work with a larger-than-normal group that includes a temporary development team, specs become far more important. With a small, in-house project, you may be willing to “wing it” and overlook vague specs, but when you call in supplemental talent, those specs become extremely important. So you’re unlikely to work with poor specifications, which in turn, minimizes the chances of seeing an ever-growing scope, setbacks and a higher-than-expected price tag.

• You’ll have highly productive team members with the perfect skill set. When we dispatch a team to work with a client, we carefully consider your needs and work hard to ensure that we select talent to meet your unique needs. This prevents a situation where you “make it work” with a less-than-ideal arrangement. For example, you may require a developer who is fluent in a particular programming language. It’s possible that one of your in-house staff members has some knowledge of this programming language, but they’re far less efficient than a fluent expert. This can result in a longer-than-necessary script writing process and slowed productivity across the board, particularly if another element of the project cannot begin until the script is complete.

Reducing Budget Overruns and Delays With a Tech and Software Developer Staffing Firm

The right supplementary talent can promote more effective project management. This helps you achieve your goals with greater speed and efficiency, while dramatically reducing overhead. You’ll also avoid the time and financial investment that’s associated with recruiting, leading to significant savings, especially in cases where you would have hired part-time or temporary employees. We encourage our clients to do whatever it is they do best and leave the recruiting process to iTech, since tech recruiting is what we do best! Contact iTech today to learn more about how our temporary software developer staffing solutions can benefit your business.

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